Brick (NJ) Boat Service and Storage Center

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Boating is a popular pastime in New Jersey, and whether you head out on a yacht or take the family out in a pontoon, boat repair and service are important parts of keeping your watercraft in good working order. Watercraft Marine offers numerous boat services in Brick NJ, including commissioning and decommissioning, boat transportation, and even engine and mechanical services.

Fiberglass Repair & Body Work

Sometimes the unexpected happens and leads to damaged fiberglass, which is not only unsightly, but also detrimental to the long-term look and operation of your boat. In this case, it is critical to find quality professional fiberglass repair and service immediately. Waiting to carry out these boat repairs could result in flaking or corrosion that is more difficult and expensive to repair down the line. We also provide numerous other boat body work services. These include but are not limited to:

  • Boat zinc replacement;
  • Boat anode replacement;
  • Gelcoat repair; and
  • Anti-fouling paint application.

If you need boat repair in Brick NJ, now is the perfect time to contact Waterfront Marine. We can get your fiberglass and other body components repaired and looking brand-new during the off-season so that when the temperatures begin to climb, you can spend your time out on the water rather than waiting for repairs.

Boat Shrink Wrap

When it’s time to store your boat for the off-season, safety and protection should be at the front of your mind. Debris, snow, and more can easily damage the interior of your boat and leave it unfit to use in the spring and summer. Waterfront Marine offers expert boat shrink wrap service that will keep your boat as pristine as the day you decommissioned or docked it for the season. Our shrink wrap is strong, durable, and extends down the side of the boat, protecting you completely.

Engine & Mechanical Repairs and Services

Regular boat engine service is important for extending the life of your watercraft and preventing unexpected breakdowns. What’s more, if your boat stops running, it is necessary to seek repairs immediately to get back out on the water. Waterfront Marine offers numerous boat services related to the engine and mechanical system in Brick NJ, which include:

  • Boat battery replacement;
  • Boat engine tune-ups;
  • Outboard motor cooling system service;
  • Inboard motor cooling system service; and
  • Water pump maintenance, replacement, and repair.

This is not a complete list of the many engine and mechanical boat repairs and services we provide. No matter what sort of issue you are experiencing, the experts at Waterfront Marine have the knowledge and skill to provide you with timely, professional, and cost-effective service.

Boat Transportation

Transporting your boat from one location to another can be a daunting task, especially for those who do not regularly commission and decommission their boats and instead prefer to leave them docked in the water year-round. At Waterfront Marine, we offer some of the best marine transport services in the nation. Our expert drivers examine every last detail and treat your watercraft as they would treat their own.

We also offer decommissioning and commissioning services to help you get your boat in and out of the water for seasonal storage, for repairs, or for service. Instead of taking the chance of damaging your boat by moving it yourself, contact the experts at Waterfront Marine to transport your boat in Brick NJ.

Cleaning, Detailing, and Protection

Part of keeping your boat looking like new for many years to come is ensuring you keep it clean, protected, and detailed. If your boat is in saltwater most of the time, regular cleaning and protection is even more critical as the saltwater can have a detrimental effect on fiberglass, paint, and other surfaces and lead to expensive repairs that could have been prevented. Waterfront Marine offers numerous boat services designed to do just that. Our expert team will clean and detail your boat, both inside and out, leaving it gleaming like brand new and free from unwanted dirt and debris. We will also apply quality protective products where applicable to help prevent fading and damage from the sun.

To learn more about any of these services, or to schedule your boat maintenance, boat repair, or protection today, reach out to the team at Waterfront Marine. You can call us at our Brick, New Jersey location at (732-202-6961) or fill out the short contact form on our website.