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Maryland is home to numerous waterways that are perfect for a leisurely afternoon in a boat, whether you prefer speed boating for the adrenaline rush or fishing just for fun. Here at Waterfront Marine, our goal is to help you enjoy as many of these relaxing days as possible by keeping your boat in top condition. We offer engine and mechanical boat repair services, boat transportation, and even commissioning and decommissioning.

Engine & Mechanical Repairs and Services

To truly get the most out of your watercraft, it is critical that you have your boat serviced regularly. Regular maintenance and quick repairs will extend the life of your boat and keep you in the water longer. Waterfront Marine offers a wide variety of engine and mechanical system services in Maryland, including:

  • Boat engine tune-ups
  • Outboard motor cooling system service
  • Inboard motor cooling system service
  • Water pump repair, replacement, and/or maintenance
  • Boat battery replacement

No matter the issue with your boat, if it is mechanical in nature, Waterfront Marine can diagnose and resolve it for you. Our expert professionals have the skills and knowledge required to provide you with the best possible service at the best possible prices.

Boat Transportation

Transporting your boat from the dock to a storage area or even to a repair shop can be a difficult task, but Waterfront Marine provides this sort of service every day to people all across Maryland. If you need to commission or decommission your boat, or if you need to transport it for repairs or for seasonal storage, Waterfront Marine has you covered. Our drivers and technicians go over every tiny detail, so you can rest your mind at ease knowing they will treat your boat or watercraft like it is their own.

Protection, Cleaning, and Detailing

Aside from ensuring your boat continues to run like new for many years, it’s also important to keep it looking like new. Fiberglass is a strong material, but when it spends 99% of its life in the water – especially saltwater – the effects can be detrimental. Waterfront Marine provides expert protection, cleaning, and detailing that not only leaves your boat looking brand-new, but also protects it from the effects of the sun, saltwater, and more.

Boat Shrink Wrap

Maryland’s cold winters make leisurely boating difficult and downright uncomfortable, but leaving your boat docked all winter can leave it susceptible to the elements. Everything from snow and debris can fall into your boat, which leaves it a mess for the following season and potentially even causes significant (and expensive) damage. Here at Waterfront Marine, we provide professional boat shrink wrap services that will keep your boat protected until it’s time to get back into the water. Our boat shrink wrap is durable and strong, too, so you can rest comfortably knowing that your boat is completely protected until you take it off.

Bodywork & Fiberglass Repair

Damaged fiberglass is common, and it occurs most often when boaters hit debris out in the water. Though a small nick in the fiberglass may not seem like a big deal right away, this hole in the boat’s gelcoat can allow for corrosion and damage on a much larger scale. Waterfront Marine provides fiberglass repair and other services designed to quickly restore your boat to its original shape. Some of the other boat repairs and boat body work services we offer include:

  • Anti-fouling paint application
  • Boat zinc replacement
  • Boat anode replacement
  • Anti-fouling paint application

If you need any kind of boat repairs or service in Maryland, Waterfront Marine is an excellent choice. Not only do we provide an extensive list of services designed to protect your boat and even restore it to its former like-new appearance, but we also provide professional repairs utilizing quality materials so that you can spend more of your time enjoying your favorite waterway.

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